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Paper Quilling Handmade Gifts

Experience in Paper Quilling Handmade Gifts

Established in 2017 and based out of beautiful Williamsport, Pennsylvania, MonkeyDragonPaper specializes in expertly handcrafted Paper Quilling Art. Moreover, we only use archival materials to construct our unique objects to provide a lifetime of enjoyment for the collector. It should be noted that each paper quilling piece is handmade, unique and artfully designed.

Paper Quilling Handmade Gifts

Various topics of Paper Quilling

Paper quilling has its roots in Victorian handicraft. Our design and construction methods shift from the past as we aim to innovate. Also, we take great care to use subject matter that is accessible to all. As a result, our shop inventory includes a wide variety of content. We have a large number of floral designs. In addition, we offer pictorial scenes ranging from landscapes, genre scenes, portraits, text-based work, and even master copies. It should be noted that our main paper quilling artist is also capable of custom-made text such as a name-based design or text that celebrates a certain occasion.

Paper Quilling Handmade Gifts

High-quality products of Paper Quilling Handmade Gifts

Furthermore, the paper quilling art is mounted on archival 100% acid free illustration board designed to provide a stable and bright surface. In addition, we sell framed and unframed work as well as free-hanging ornaments, and blank card/envelope combinations. Our frames are made of real wood coupled with genuine plexiglass glazing for safe transport. Also, framing points secure the quilling objects to the frame for a sturdy and tight fit.

A Special Place to Make a Custom Order

You can always make an individual order. Would you like the names of your LOVED one or any other letter or word combinations? Please be in contact to let us know. Without a doubt we would make special designs for you. Also, do you want to have the ability to personalize cards to send out to all of your loved ones? Maybe you’d like to have a special handmade card for any occasions such as birthday, wedding or anniversary? Don’t hesitate to send us an e-mail. Here, in order to place a custom order, please follow the prompts on this link. Thank you!

Great Shipping and Return Policy

Besides, we provide FREE Delivery in the local Williamsport Area. Also, if you’re outside of our delivery range, you get FREE Standard Priority Mail Shipping on all orders of $99+. For more information about our shipping policies, please visit here!

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