Quilling Art Flowers Ornaments – Pack of 4 – Sparkle YOUR Home – Lovely Handmade (D1)


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Hello there! Thank you for shopping with us. Are you looking for something that is special, handmade, unique and artistic? Let’s take a look at our massive collection of Paper QUILLING Art, especially Paper Quilling Art Flowers Ornaments!

MonkeyDragonPaper Shop always wants to bring YOU interesting handmade craft and wonderful gifts! Without a doubt, we believe that if you love art, you will definitely love paper quilling art!

Paper Quilling Art Flowers Ornaments

Uniqueness of Expert Craft in Paper Quilling Art Flower Ornament Designs

Why is it special? How to make these quilling paper art?

To make these paper quilling art ornaments, using a number of different small tools, I rolled, shaped a lot of paper strips, then glued them using various combinations. After that, I used a piece of string to carefully attach them together. My completed creation of these ornaments becomes SPECIAL lifelong Quilling Art Flowers Ornaments designs to enjoy. Please see the image below!

Paper Quilling Art Flowers Ornaments

Paper Quilling Art Flowers Ornaments Pack of 4 Great For Home Decor

Special Artistic Vision of Handmade Quilling Art Ornaments Flowers

As you can see, I used many different approaches and techniques relating to quilling to make different shapes of paper strips to create high quality art for YOU! It is with great enthusiasm that I dedicated a great deal of time towards making each piece of original paper quilling art, to ensure that YOU would feel pleased with your purchase!

A Lifelong Home for a Unique Paper Art Ornaments

Furthermore, we want to bring you a good experience when you shop with us so feel free to let us know if we can do anything to improve your shopping experience!

Especially, you can make a custom order with names or any letters/ words or even any ideas/ topics with this special paper craft art style for YOURSELF or your LOVED one. Please be in contact to let us know! Contact here!

Besides, these ornaments are ready for YOU to hang as soon as you receive them!

Paper Quilling Art Flowers Ornaments

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